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What was your experience learning to code for the first time?

I first experienced learning code when a colleague and I used code.org with Grade 2/3 students. We learnt with the students and found it to be fun and addictive but also quite challenging!

The students finished the lesson feeling very tired and some said 'my brain hurts'! It was a great test of patience and resilience.

Students worked on individual computers, but were inevitably collaborating by sharing ideas and helping each other problem solve. Students worked through their break times as they wanted to finish their Hour of Code!

I just had a go at the Blockly Games and found them equally fun, addictive and challenging!

What did you find challenging?

Adjusting the angles.

What did you enjoy?

Feeling successful at the end of each game.

Why did you select the particular activity?

I chose both and I wanted to build on from my skills of using code.org's Hour of Code.

How could you imagine this being used in a classroom environment or professional learning session?

We are going to run a staff session on coding and our aim will be for teachers to feel comfortable in experimenting and playing with code.

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Thank you for sharing your experience! I find it really interesting hearing how others experienced coding for the first time. Running a staff session is a great idea. We have some resources in our PL-in-a-Box program that might be useful: http://csermoocs.adelaide.edu.au/pdbox/
  • Hayley Higgs: Great, thanks Rebecca I will check the resources out.

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