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This task is based on something my 12 year old son has been working on at home and has had him very engaged. In a unit about 'Marvelous Melbourne', investigate and research Melbourne and its landmarks, writing up Information Cards on each one (English: Creating texts – plan, draft and publish informative texts). Now develop a Scratch Gameboard (Digital Technologies: Develop digital solutions as simple visual programs) where you can travel around the Melbourne CBD, negotiating your way to each landmark so that can can win points based on how many you can safely navigate to. Add an element of chance to the game for added interest (eg: dodging trams!). When you reach each landmark either:
Read the information card and identify one new learning OR
If students are familiar with the landmarks already, use the information cards to ask a question about the landmark for bonus points. #csertask2

A question I have is …would Scratch allow you to have a pop up window that had the Information Card displayed when you got to the landmark?? That would make this task richer.

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  • Reid Moule: I love the task and the construction. Could you use show and hide for the Information cards?
  • Denise Sleeth: Re pop up card I agree with Reid – show and hide might work. You create a new sprite for each information card and program it to hide at the beginning of the program and show at a specific point in the program or when a message is received
  • Reid Moule: One other thing you may want to do is have the Information cards as QR codes in the English part. Be interesting to see if this could work in the Scratch game as well.

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