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#U1 Greetings everyone from the island State of Tasmania. I am the project officer for those of you who are enrolled in this wonderful community of learners. I look forward to working with any Tasmanian educator who wishes to have a conversation and or support around the Digital Technologies curriculum and its implementation. I am contactable at any time!

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  • Hayley Higgs: Hi Peter, sounds like you could be a great resource! I work in a very isolated part of Tasmania so connecting with others is highly valuable for me.
  • Peter Lelong: I was recently on the West Coast working with Sharon fromZeehan and the Queenstown and Rosebery Catholic schools. I am happy to come to you where ever you may work. Keep in touch!
  • Hayley Higgs: I’m on King Island!
  • Peter Lelong: How fabulous! I have met another teacher who is from King Island but currently teaching in Rosebery. I will do my best to come to you. It would be wonderful to get the staff at the school to take on the MOOC as a team. What do you think of the likelihood! We can chat more via email too rather than on an open forum if that works for you I imagine it is hayley.higgs@ education…?
  • Jacinta Browning: Isn’t it great to find old familiar faces on G+ just finished the Basic MOOC and thought I’d give the advanced one a go – great to see you on here Peter. Must catch up properly sometime soon to share a bit more about our DT adventures.
  • Peter Lelong: That would be terrific Jacinta. This is a wonderful adventure we are all embarking on!

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