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Hi everyone. I teach DigiTech 8-10 and ITS 11-12. I am interested in the integration of DigiTech in primary. However, another interest of mine is Coding Across the Curriculum. My dream is for students to use coding as a tool to create and be creative in different subject areas. I started to make a Google Site where I create and collect (in first instance) Scratch projects for Art, Maths, English etc. as well as showing some interesting resources to use. Some Scratch project could be interesting for primary teachers. The site develops slowly as I do it in my spare time; however, feel free to have a look or contact me if you have questions.

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  • Richard Bauer: Coding Across the Curriculum
  • Sue Carter: Hi Richard. Welcome to the course. Love the idea of collating Scratch projects that integrate with other learning areas.

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