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Option 2: Next term I will be working with our Year 3 teachers to introduce IF-THEN statements in visual coding. I am still in the "thinking stages" when it comes to designing a challenge to tie it all together, but I am keen to use the Tynker app that they have access to on their iPads. I have written a blogpost that pulls together the resources and lesson ideas I have found so far, and have set myself a challenge to come up with a meaningful challenge for the students using Tynker before the end of the holidays. Any ideas or hints are welcome. 🙂 #cserTask1

What If? Introducing conditional statements to Year 3 – Bit by bit janebatham.edublogs.org

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  • Yvonne Harrison: I like this example of thinking!
  • cindy thornton: I’ve had a look at your blog Jane; I love your practical ideas and how you’ve set it all out so clearly. It’s in my favourites now!

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