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Using The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan as the focus text, this unit is for years 5-. After reading the book and watching the 15 minute film version, students will evaluate the components of the story (sequence and visual /text focus). Evaluations may use a sequencing story template to break the story down in to components. Students will then (in pairs) plan (using storyboard template), draft (in writing and drawings) and publish their own imaginative and multimodal story for the audience of the school community (ACELY1704; ACELY1714) in the iOS app StoryKit. This app combines text, images (photographs of images or screen drawn) and sound (voiceover). This integrates with the Digital Technologies topic that encourages students to plan, create and communicate ideas and information, collaboratively with digital technologies (ACTDIP022). This unit will also reinforce literacy and ICT general capabilities.

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