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Hi; I’m John. I am a Secondary School teacher in the rural, by the sea, tourist and fishing town of Lakes Entrance. We are a small school of ~250 students. I am interested in developing a better understanding of the teaching and learning of digital technologies in the later primary schooling years so that my school can support our regional primary schools, and also build on the students achievements in this area from primary into secondary schooling. I am a mathematics, science (and sometimes VCAL) teacher with some responsibilities in ‘Transition’. Over the last couple of years the LESC VCAL cohort has celebrated National Education, Literacy & Numeracy, and Science Weeks with grade 4-6 students from our 7 closest Primary Schools in an attempt get our VCAL students to engage more with the local community.

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  • Lenka Hill: Hi John, for further information about how we can assist you and your school community simply visit – CSER Digital Technologies Education or email Celia our Victorian Project Officer: Kind regards, Lenka CSER Digital Technologies Education
  • Celia Coffa: Lovely to read of the connections you are making between schools

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