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Task 2: Digital Tech + English!
For this task, you are to think of a lesson idea that integrates Digital Technologies with English. Provide an overview of your lesson. Include information about what outcome the lesson is meeting within Digital Technologies and in English: imaginative text and building reading, writing, listening or speaking skills).
I teach Yr 7 Special Education students. I plan to use the familiar story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to teach sequencing, story board completion, flow charting and algorithm creation. The students will program in pairs so one student can navigate the other through the hunt practicing their interaction skills.
At the beginning of the lesson we will re- read the story and sequence the events that happen in the story by first breaking the story down into its parts on graph paper using directional vocabulary (under, over, left, right, forward and back). We will sequence the story first on a story board and then sequence the story within a flow chart using the nominal shapes for commands. Students could also extend the story with ‘if or else’ statements so they have to make decisions and change the storyline.

Coding Activity- We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Algorithm – JDaniel4s Mom

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  • Jane Batham: I love this story too! Using a story with an obvious and easy to remember sequence will make it very clear for the students when trying to make their algorithm. I like that you have incorporated the option of extending the thinking from simple sequences, to those including branching and decision making. I can’t wait to share this idea with other teachers at my school. It makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing!

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