Jane Ellem▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

Something that I have used in a year 4/5 class has been working in partners to unpack block programmed activities
Student are familiar with programming language eg integer
Students have explored Scratch.
What you will need:
Pair Programming rules
Flowchart cut out shapes and arrows that are laminated
White boards and markers
What to do:
Decide who is the driver and who is the navigator and go through the procedures
They are presented with the flowchart shapes and are challenged to explore their meanings
Students are in their programming pairs and choose a game on Scratch.
Students run the game through and then discuss what happened
Using the flowchart shapes they map out what they think is the “flow” of the game. The game “decomposed”
Once they have finalised their flowchart they swap it with another group.
The other group will then try to replicate the game using the flowchart in Scratch create.
Final stages the check the block coding for the original game against the one they created by following a flowchart.

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