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Have finished the course … so now what? Have added my links where I have had to…. So now what? Hoping to hear from someone soon! #cserCompleted #DoneandDusted

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  • Susie Barber: Well done Jane! We will be in touch soon with your certificate.
  • Jane Ellem: Thanks + Susie Barber So much FUN learnt heaps and using it every day!
  • Sue Carter: Fantastic Jane! And I know you will be using what you have learnt in the course at your school. Now What? There is the 7-8 MOOC to consider with projects set up. However, in your role maybe you could get some other teachers at your school to enrol in the course? Possibly set up CSERMOOC afternoons once a week for teachers to work through 30 mins of the course. I will start PL-in-a-Box Cafes on Monday afternoons even weeks term 4 which is f2f support for teachers working through the course.

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