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Hi all. I completed the F-6 MOOC a couple of years ago and I am now redoing it whilst supporting some of the staff at my current school. They are enjoying the journey and we are all dedicated to implementing Dig Tech into our classrooms. I am completing the 'Extended' MOOC to broaden my knowledge and to assist other teachers in implementing DT across the curriculum. I am looking forward to new learning and would love to network with others around the Hobart area. #U1: Introduction

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  • Susie Barber: Hi Debbie, welcome back to the MOOCs, our Tasmanian Project Officer + Peter Lelong may be able to assist you with networking in Hobart.
  • Peter Lelong: Hi Deb, It will be good to catch up on Thursday. It is great that the staff are working with you on the MOOC. You are a great inspiration for them

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