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My art students are migrant refugee and asylum seeker students who are aged between 11 and 20. They have been graded into three English language levels from very little or no English in level 1, through to transition into ESL in level 3.
In the past I have used Shaun Tan’s graphic novel: “The Arrival” in my art classes because of the correlation between its narrative and my students’ own stories. While my focus in the past has been to use the book’s techniques to teach my students illustration skills, I now intend to extend upon this to incorporate digital technologies and a greater focus on written English.
In this new, revamped lesson, I will have students “read” the narrative in the graphic novel, then they will draw their own stories in a storyboard. The script for each cell of the storyboard would depend on the students’ English capacity. Once students have completed their scripted storyboard, students could use these to plan and program a simple scratch animation of their storyboard.
An extension to this could include students preparing their story as a learning tool for their parents who could read the story online.
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