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Task 3 Digital Tech+ Maths!
I choose to follow 'Jamie Edmondson discussion with his Year 5 class to explore Mathematics through Scratch games.' I created my Scratch game using a remix of Jamie’s game and modified it to be multiplication rather than addition. As the Primary class I work with has previously used Scratch to create animations involving Literacy this seems a natural progression to now create an animation involving Maths!
The lesson would involve the students producing an animation that can ask a mathematical question and answer that question and give a visual as to whether the answer is correct or incorrect.
This lesson would meet the following outcomes:
• the use of visual programming systems to create Mathematics-based games (e.g. creating a visual programming game populated with Mathematics quiz questions, perhaps for younger years);
• Number and Algebra. Year 3. Recall multiplication facts of two, three, five and ten and related division facts. Development of visual programming-based games to support recall, such as the creation of Scratch-based games.
• Producing and Implementing (ACTDIP020)


Karen’s multiplication game (remix from Jamie Edmondson) on Scratch scratch.mit.edu

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  • Celia Coffa: ReMixing is such a great feature and element of Scratch. The concept of building on and adapting someone else’s project is very powerful. Great idea.

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