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I have gotten so many ideas from this course, from both the course and participants ideas when completing unit tasks. I was wondering if there was an easy we can collate and organise all these fantastic ideas to make it easier to share? I am in the process of typing up whole school documents to help teachers implement DT and it would be great to share some of these ideas in a simple way. Thoughts?

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  • Steven Payne: Each lesson in the MOOC has a URL so you could include these in other documents e.g. https://csermoocs.appspot.com/f6extended/unit?unit=15&lesson=38 – also each post in the community has a URL so you can link to those individually – or link to the category so the content remains up-to-date e.g. this is the link to U3 English connections: https://plus.google.com/communities/111767864701930389598/stream/419a06ff-f27b-401d-9301-4ae63f015815 There are also offline versions of the MOOC being developed. What sort of things were you thinking of? Maybe we can help.
  • Tenaya Jones: I was thinking of an easy way to collate these ideas from the other teachers participating in the course. There are some fantastic ideas on here. It would be great to have all the ideas in one area that’s easy to search for. Maybe add them to the pinterest page? I’ve done both courses but would like an easier way then coming back to the community and sifting through all the ideas. Does that make sense?
  • Steven Payne: I am still not sure what sort of thing you have in mind. I think the search and filter work very well in this community – is your issue that you can only search one MOOC community at a time? Perhaps the project manager + Susie Barber  can have a look at this and help.
  • Celia Coffa: Perhaps an online bookmarking tool like Diigo could help you. With that you can choose TAGS and bookmark activities, links according to whatever skill/ concept/ subject area you choose. Diigo bookmarks can be shared with others as well . More detail here https://www.diigo.com/learn_more/share . Pinterest would achive a simar goal but with Diigo you can apply multiple tags to a site eg algorithms / flowchart etc. I use a Chrome extension for Diigo, so it is sitting in my browser ready to book mark anything I see Tour: Share | Diigo diigo.com

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