Tenaya Jones▸ U4: Math Connections

Task 3
DT – use visually represented sequenced steps
Maths – describe 2D shapes
My students learnt about 2D shapes and their features in lessons leading up to integrating with Digital Technologies. We discussed 2D shapes and complete shape hunts around our school. After learning about shapes, students chose 4 shapes and used Scratch Jr to create an educational clip. Students drew their shape as their sprite in Scratch and then coded it to move and either say or have text to describe the features of the shape. Students loved this activity.

We have also use Beebots within Maths lessons. I have had question cards underneath the mat and students told their team where they were moving to, programmed their Beebot and then all students answered the question. #cserTask3

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  • Rebecca Vivian: What a great activity! It gives them a purpose and engaging environment to practice drawing 2D shapes.

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