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I learned how to use Blockly at a one hour after school off site PD. I thoroughly enjoyed it and although I didn't master level 10, I knew I would have some students who would be able to do so. The next lessons I had with years 5 and 6, I introduced them to Blockly. They were immediately engaged and the collaboration between students was amazing…mainly just helpful talk and suggestions. For the next week or two, as lab sessions were completed, students were able to go on with Blockly…great that it saved where they were up to. Students did not really compete against one another generally (some of course kept checking on where their mates were up to) and were genuinely pleased as they moved through the levels.
I had 2 students email me one night to say they had mastered level 10…One even sent a screenshot of his code…this was a year 5 student who has since bought a number of coding books to read.
These students have all mastered Blockly Maze (some with a little help from classmates) and have moved onto Scratch. They are starting to create their own games with it, having had time to explore how it works and watch a few of the videos on the website. Fun times ahead!
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