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Blockly Games Maze.
I decided to do the Blockly Games Maze for this Task. I have previously done the Foundations course and started to do the 7-8 course but not applying it in class, I found I got confused. I wanted to do Blockly Maze because it showed some Java (the stricter coding) which I found confusing in the 7-8 course. I really liked Blockly Maze because it showed me exactly what I had done converted to code, so code for my purposes which held more meaning. I also found it well scaffolded, with challenge and success. I had trouble at first judging the distance of 1 movement block and with maze 10. I think the 2 heads are better than 1 theory would have helped me with maze 10!

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Hi Renee! Thanks for sharing your experience, and for your feedback on the 7&8 MOOC. The team will look into that when we come to updating the content.

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