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I have recently become quite interested in the ideas of Book Trailers and believe they are a great way to use digital ideas to promote literacy.

Book Trailers seem to be both a teaching point and a way to engage around the role of action in things students engage with on a daily basis. They are also a way to think of things such as sequencing, main events, action, mood, emotion, and persuasion, to name a few things.

I like the idea of using animation for creating Book Trailers for Comic/Graphic Novels.

This would involve multiple lessons over some weeks in terms of Comic/Graphic Novels/genres of these, role of trailers, persuasion, choosing and sequencing ideas, supporting features of trailers, animation, integrating supporting features into animation e.g sound, text, music etc and forming animation into a usable, viewable structure.

I am not currently in a position where I could teach this but would be very interested to follow this through when I am as I believe that animation would nicely support novels that rely on drawn images.


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