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As with so many of my ideas I am not currently in the position to teach these so they are possibly more brief and hold less information about actual resources/games etc. I learn best by doing things and really want the opportunity to apply some of this as I am to teach it, more of the 'just in time learning'.

I am currently planning some orienteering for PE, and have had some thoughts about using this with some mapping and measuring to use gathered information to create maps and then use created maps to follow.

I am talking simple maps with forward movements measuring meters on the ground and angled turns representing both angles and compass directions. These would move students around obstacles to locations to collect codes. There would b need to be basic lessons on… 1/orienteering, 2/measuring, 3/codes, 4/visual programming, 5/interpreting basic maps, 6/creating maps in visual programming environments.

I could see this being an interesting way of moving around a location with internet access following and creating maps to retrieve codes.

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  • Rebecca Vivian: I think that sounds like an excellent learning unit to explore. The two topics definitely complement one another.
  • Rebecca Vivian: Would be great to have you revisit the community and let us know how you went with it!

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