Melissa Verrall▸ U4: Math Connections

Digital Technologies and Maths- Navigation and Position with Beebot, creating a sequence of directions, debugging and understanding of how instructions for computers differ to instructions for humans.

1. Looking at maps, review key vocabulary and how to explain directions and movement.
2. Using the school ground, in small groups, students to create a set of directions for another group to follow to find a specific location. Swap instructions and work through. Did you find the right location? Why/why not? What problems did you find? How could we fix these?
3. Students to create their own treasure map and then determine a sequence of directions to get Beebot to visit each place on the map, ending at the treasure chest. Test out the sequence of steps and then debug depending on the result. Is there an easier way to get Beebot to the treasure chest?
4. Reflection- is it easier to create a set of instructions for humans or for the Beebot? Why?


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