Rebecca Newell▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I have not used Blockly before but have tried Scratch jnr which helped me make decisions on how to program my way through the mazes. At first I found it easy but I have yet completed the maze on level 10. If the actions are repeated I can understand how to loop but level 10 I am still debugging to make my way through!
I enjoyed trying to get through the maze with using the least amount of blocks.
I selected the particular activity to help me feel more confident with programming language. I could imagine this being used in my classroom during a maths lesson on mapping. I could have the students navigate their way through an obstacle course, Students could instruct others to navigate through the obstacle course, Students could navigate an Ollie or Spyro through a maze or obstacle course. It could be used in a procedural writing or a flow chart.

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