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Firstly I'd like to plug a small local company (Polygon Door) based in Wollongong, NSW, who manufacture a wonderful robot for creating art. Dr Etienne Deleflie and Matt Wall-Smith have produced a programmable robot that creates art. By entering commands, students are able to explore geometrical art by incorporating regular and irregular shapes into sequences, which are repeated. The robot uses a felt-tip marker to draw patterns. I will be introducing this robot in my professional development workshops in Wollongong starting in Term 1, 2017. Here is a brief overview of a potential STEAM PD workshop – I will be making a submission to BOSTES to expand my scope of endorsement to include Digital Technologies as well as Technology Design.

1. Learning to code using the Artbot. Learning how to control the Artbot by programming its wheels. Learning to count distance and measure direction to make the Artbot turn. This session will facilitates teacher discussion about programming, coding and computational thinking.

2. Investigating with the Artbot. This session will facilitate inquiry-based learning about creating artwork using the Artbot. Participants will have an opportunity to try out an Artbot to draw some creative patterns. Participants will have opportunities to discuss every-day applications of the Artbot, including how Patterns in Nature have provided design inspirations to help solve human problems.

3. Using robots to solve problems. Participants will learn to program Ollie and Sphero, to solve a labrynth. This session encourages teachers to think about how digital technologies are used to solve human problems.

4. Introducing Artificial Intelligence. This session will provide an opportunity for participants to construct a model of an artifical hand, and produce a short program and application of the model to solve a human problem. Discussion will facilitate ideas about how artificial intelligence can be used to solve human problems.Polygon Door: Creative Technology Lab

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Thank you for sharing, Marc. Some great activity ideas.

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