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Years 3/4 and 5/6
I have been running Code Club for the past three years and one strategy I have developed for new groups is to have everyone follow one of the Scratch scripts provided by Code Club Australia. The students work in pars to construct the same program, one as the driver, the other the navigator who reads out the script. Working in pairs encourages the students to discuss the different blocks and their purpose. Once the pairs have completed the script, they must change 3 things eg. speed, score, distance, spites and the list goes on. The students then share their changes with the rest of the group followed by peer feedback. Once all the groups have shared, they have the opportunity to go back to their own program and implement some of the changes they learnt from other groups.
This strategy promotes communication, collaboration and it also brings in my next important strategy of 'You 2' , the students must seek assistance from two other pairs before coming to me. 'You 2' means that we are all working together as a group.
Code Club Australia

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  • Peter Lelong: A really sensible and productive collaborative experience Deb. Well done.
  • Gina Piggott: Hi Debbie. I was wondering how you use Code Club? Is it an after school activity or do you use it with your class?
  • Gina Piggott: Also, great to find a resource like Code Club that’s aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Thanks for sharing.

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