Didah Morley▸ U4: Math Connections

I have been thinking about Probability and how I could combine Digital Technologies and Probability together. I found a YouTube clip on Numberphile that looks at the probability of rolling Yahtzee in one turn.
I thought I could combine Yahtzee and Scratch together to create a dice rolling game and discuss with students the Probability of a one roll Yahtzee.
Fortunately, when exploring the Scratch website, I located projects already created and posted by others with the same idea.
So, after teaching the children Yahtzee using the board game and discussing the Probability of rolling Yahtzee using the YouTube clip, I would then allow children to look at some of the projects and 'take a look inside' at the code used. I would then have them work in pairs and decompose the code, considering the purpose of each part of the code and what they would need to create their own game. They could then plan their own Yahtzee style game, exploring ideas including changing the number of dice, creating a timer, adding a score card, etc.

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