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An approach I like to use when working with students to collaborate in programming is employing an expert for each role.
For example, a student might be good at “If, then” or variables, and they are known in the class as the expert in this field. If another student requires help, they can ask the expert for a lesson. It is important to teach the students that this expert is NOT doing the task for them but only a helping hand.
#Experts in the #Programming Classroom are a great way to differentiate and extend while ensuring students receive the help they require.

I also enjoyed doing the visual programming tasks. I feel it is always a good idea to go back and revise some things you’ve already learned in order to refresh the memory.

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  • Katrina Falkner: This is a really nice idea, Troy. I like the deliberate and structured approach to collaboration, which helps explicitly understand how that work.

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