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I have had in the past student run professional developlemt for staff at my school and in our parnership. Students were able explain their understanding of Lightning Lab a program used with SPHERO. With my support they created a hands on lesson for teachers to gain an understanding of Coding. I have also had students be Programming experts and run lessons and activites for other classes in the school, incuding scratch, SPHERO and #cserTask1

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  • Katrina Falkner: That’s a fantastic idea! I love the idea of students creating PL, and sharing their knowledge! There’s nothing better than explaining something to someone else, to help reinforce concepts and extract misunderstandings! Did you find that some of your students improved their understanding by doing this? It would be great to learn more about what common misconceptions they had.
  • Stell Psalios: Hi Katrina Definitely, the best part was these were students who struggled in many other curriculum areas, but gained a great deal of confidence from these sessions.

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