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#csertask2. The task I am going to describe will help develop the students reading and spelling skills.

The objective covered is: orally manipulate complex sounds in spoken words through knowledge of blending and segmenting sounds.

I would get the students to work in pairs with the beebots. They would each choose a word off there spelling list and write an algorithm directing the beebot to the sounds within that word a letter at a time. They would take turns reading the directions to their partner a letter at a time.

When the beebot lands on each letter the other person writes it down. When they have each completed their word the students would be able to blend the letters they have written down together to identify the secret word.

This would also develop the children's listening skills.

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  • Katrina Falkner: What a lovely task! I love how you’ve blended your learning goals together so neatly, building organisation, listening, instruction following and navigation (etc) together. I’d love to hear more about how your students worked through this and what your thoughts were on the activity afterwards!

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