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Option 2
I have tried Visual Programming in but decided to work through the Blockley Maze. The Maze was relatively straightforward until level 10. There seemed to be a considerable difference between levels 9 and 10. The coding concepts in levels 1 to 9 were clear but more practice with 'if' statements and 'loops' would better prepare students for the harder task. I have found that visual programming apps and websites are like books, there are some that give clear instructions and are appealing and others that are not. Some also assume an understanding and prior knowledge that perhaps the coder has not yet grasped! When completing similar tasks in with Year 1 and 2 students, to help clarify these concepts we would walk through a set of directional instructions building on 'repeat' and slowly introducing 'if', to move from one part of the room/schoolyard to another. This type of 'game' helped familiarise students with both the concept and new language.

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