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I tried the Blockly Maze task

What was your experience learning to code for the first time?
I have had a small play with bee bots/Dash and Dot – it was rewarding to solve the problem – it made me really be careful about checking over my work and back tracking where I had gone wrong

What did you find challenging?
Working out the most effiecnt way to get to the end of the maze (it was helpful to have a restricted amount of blocks as it forced me to think about the best way to do it with the least amount of blocks -so ultimately the challenging aspects of it made me realise – it is not just about finding the solution but finding the "BEST" efficent and effective solution
What did you enjoy?
The ping of getting to the end of the maze!!!
Why did you select the particular activity and how could you imagine this being used in a classroom environment or professional learning session
I selected this so I would experience what students may feel when doing a visual programming task/activity – I really liked how there was only allowed to be a set number of blocks so in a classroom I could link this to mapping (e.g. which is the shortest route to get to a point) – we could do some unplugged mapping and similar tasks where the children can program each other – such as a game of cat and mouse where the children control (by giving directions) the mouse to get to the cheese and a second student is the cat who needs to follow the mouse.

I liked how each stage of the game was a way to introduce a new type of block #cserTask1

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