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Choose Your Own Adventure Story – Branching

I teach junior primary so previously all the ideas I have worked with have been about sequencing stories, barrier games, giving the children messages in a code to solve – so I have decided to think from a different perspective – how could I link English to middle/upper primary in an unplugged way. I thought a whole class activity to look at the concept of branching would be to create a class "choose your own adventure" style narrative- I could also link this to 'cause and effect'

The activity would begin by giving the children a story starter in which the main character needs to make decision (it could be go left/right or a yes/no – will you turn right?) – the class then can physically groups themselves according to their choice (this could link with maths and organising data – how many people selected which outcome). Then from their the teacher can pose questions so the groups branch off further – the kids could be recording their responses as plan for their story and then write their parts/version.

To take this task further (depending on student ability level) the class could create this as a digital text that reacts to what button is pressed – I don't know if something like this could then be created using Scratch but it's just an idea that I though could link to branching.

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