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This Year 3 unit, a shared narrative, was an early attempt at integrating new technologies and English. The unit gave students experiences to create their own narratives using the same process. The tasks had multiple aims from increasing the students understanding of narrative structure to using digital technology as a means of publishing their work. The model for the narrative was a fable and the process involved multiple stages.
We started by deconstructing our story model using a narrative structure template. Collaboratively we next brainstormed ideas for our class story and proceeded to write our first draft using the IWB. At this point students were introduced to the app Popplet on IPads as a means to sort out their ideas and plan a story.
Together the class read through and edited the story using Word. The editing process focused on ensuring that the story made ‘sense’, that there was cohesion besides spelling and grammar checks.
The story was first published using Book Creator. Students chose different tasks, including typing and printing the text, visually re-creating the characters and preparing the scenes and illustrations. The students chose to draw the images and photograph the prepared pages to insert into Book Creator and the final task was to record the story as it was read. During this process the students learnt about consistency in design, taking and editing a photograph, file management and air dropping images to and from the IPad. The story was saved as a video and shared with the school community.
Once the book was completed the process was evaluated before students worked on their own stories. Most students agreed that typing the story directly in Book Creator would have been more effective.
The next stage was to create a scene from the story in Scratch. This was a collaborative effort and produced one scene from the story.
More time was needed to work through Scratch tutorials to proceed further.
There are links with ICT capabilities, English and Digital Technology in this unit. The focus in English being productive modes for creative writing, leading to an introduction to computational thinking and programming with Scratch.

Example from Scratch and of completed pages from Book Creator

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  • Rebecca Vivian: What an excellent unit integrating English and DT. I love the planning and development involved in the unit before diving into Scratch.

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