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When following Course 2 on, with year 3 students, at stage 4 the students encountered angles. Tasks were devised to support students with their understanding of angles.
Using card and split pins students made and sorted the angles they made into groups ‘right,’ ‘straight’, ‘acute,’ ‘obtuse’ and ‘reflex angles’.
Students used iPads to take photographs of different types of angles in the school environment, which were shared in class and prompted discussion about the nature of angles.
To relate angles to the tasks in students were explicitly taught how angles are measured using a compass, the hands of an analogue clock and visual representations made of the angles found in the tasks.
Students experimented drawing shapes and pre-cut angles (to match angles in to design their own patterns to further consolidate their understanding.
This task integrated Maths and Digital Technology by combining recognising ‘angles in real situations’ and working out algorithms to solve a problem.

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Wow! Fantastic lesson ideas. I like the way you are approaching learning about geometry from different angles! 😉

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