Sue Scott▸ U4: Math Connections

Year-2 Digital technologies and Maths Bee bot dancing pattern

Maths outcome – describe patterns and identify missing elements
Digital technologies outcomes follow a sequence of steps and decisions to solve simple problems

Activity 1
Patterning – get the children to explore the different ways they can move their bodies eg clap, jump write action word on flash cards. Put 4 or 5 cards together and get children to perform the movements , then repeat to form a pattern.

Activity 2
Introduce the beebots and talk about the movements they can make. Write on flash cards eg forward, turn . Put flash cards into a random order and get the children to program the bee bot to match. Explore what sequence makes a good ‘dance’ then program bee bot. Repeat movements to make a ‘dance pattern’.

Extension – remove one flash cards and get children to work out what missing card in the dance pattern is.

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