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Scratch Junior introductory Lesson one
I would do this lesson with a year one class to introduce them to the Scratch app.
They would be in pairs with strict rules to follow my instructions and not go ahead by themselves.
When we get to the last part of the lesson they will have time to play with the blue block and move the cat forwards.
This would be the end of the introductory lesson and revised at the beginning of the next lesson.
• Find scratch junior icon on your tablet and tap on it
• Wait for scratch junior to load App on the home button
• To start a new project tap on the plus sin
• Tap on the ABC button to write your name on the stage
• You can now use the keyboard to write your name
• Tapping on the paint bucket will allow you to choose a colour
• Tapping on the letter A will allow you to choose a size
• Now you can see your name move it to the top left corner and move the cat to the bottom left hand corner
• To save your project tap on the yellow shape on the top right hand corner. Type in your name and class name in the box.
• Go to the blue box with the arrow and this will show you all the blue movement blocks The cat is here the blocks apply to the cat.
• Bring down the first blue block and tap on it to make the cat move forward.
At this point I would let the children play with this blue block for a while with the strict rule of not going any further or tapping any other blocks/ icons.
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