Rayma Bryant▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

#cserTask 1 – Option 1
Having already done some basic coding, I decided to investigate some teaching strategies.

To succeed in problem solving, people, need to be able to analyze problems without the benefit of an instruction sheet, but then be able to also communicate their findings to others effectively. This really requires students to have the necessary problem solving strategies within their skill group. These are generally already taught within other curriculum areas, such as Mathematics, Science and English.

I tried the debugging game with my class in small groups. I really liked how this worked, as it allowed students to understand the concept without even having a computer available. I then went searching, and found the following website, with a variety of free activities to teach these concepts to students, without having access to computers. I will endeavour to introduce these activities to my class this term, which hopefully will consolidate their understanding and encourage group collaboration and allow opportunities for students to explain their thinking.
Computer Science Unplugged

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