Liz Davies▸ U3: English Connections

Digital technology and English
Digital technology objective – Recognise that a digital system follows instructions or commands
English objective – develop understanding of Letters and sounds Phase 5 – the same sound but that has different spellings.
Using Bee-Bot (or an alternative robot) and a pre -made mat that has all the alternative spellings for different sounds the children are verbally given a sound e.g. ee. They must program the Bee-Bot to go around the mat to find all the same sounds but with different spellings e.g. for ee they could also use y (as in happy), ea (as in treat), ey (as in key) and so on. This could be extended to ask which option is the best bet for the middle or end of a word. It could also be simplified for earlier stages e.g. Phase 3 – find the "sh" sound. Another alternative could be find the sight word that has been said and programme Bee-Bot to find this word. Possibly as a partner game. #cserTask2

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