Liz Davies▸ U4: Math Connections

Digital technologies focus – debugging (to create the shortest route from A to B)
Maths focus – Compare and order length (using informal units)

I've planned this for a Year 2 class but it could be adapted for those a year or so older too.

An image of a relatively simple maze is given where there are several routes to get to the end point. However the route already travelled (in either pop-sticks or paperclips) and shown on the page is not the shortest!

First the children work out the length of the original route shown on the page e.g. 12 paper clips. They then need to debug and create the shortest route from A to B on the same maze. Next they create this route and work out the distance travelled after their debugging e.g. 6 paperclips.

Example – length of first route – 12 paperclips
length of debugged route – 6 paperclips.

This could be extended by working out the difference between the 2 journeys. For higher grades the children could measure and then create a new path using formal units. #cserTask3

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