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My school has just bought a set of Micro:bits. I teach Year 6 so the introduction to the lesson included that they had to pair up make a simple code and transfer it to the Micro:bit. I had 4-5 students that have s good basic understanding of coding so I paired them up with students that needed support and these students taught the rest of the class to code their names, download the file and transfer the code to the Micro:bit. Once all students had a good understanding and could code and transfer it. We discussed as a class the problems and then the solutions to the problems that they encountered. Some students discussed that they went onto YouTube and learnt how to find solutions to the problems they encountered as well as going onto this website and watching lessons on how to code Micro:bits.


St Maria Goretti's Catholic School

Let’s Code | micro:bit

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  • Steven Payne: Great work! Are you using the micro:bits with other year groups?

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