Jordan Dickie▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I chose Blocky for my activity and the Turtle function.

What was your experience learning to code for the first time?
I found the first 5 or so lessons fairly easy and then they became a lot more complex from then on. I found the blocky system easy and I was beginning to use computational thinking to work out how I could solve the problem with loops etc.

What did you find challenging?
I found knowledge of the angles to be tricky as this would need to be prior knowledge. I also found a lot of trial and error as my way of solving the problem.

What did you enjoy?
I enjoyed the user face of this application as it allowed me to clearly see the steps in my algorithm. I can see a lot of maths integration in this app.

Why did you select the particular activity and how could you imagine this being used in a classroom environment or professional learning session?
I have a group of 2/3 students and so I would need to use the basic functions of this app. It could involve drawing simple 2D shapes and allow me to expose the students to the concept of degrees. #csertask1

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