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Task 2: Digital technologies and English #cserTask2
Being very new to the primary scene and with a high school background, I think the following can work.
In high school they cover a unit in fractured fairytales, whilst in primary they use fairytales in narratives (sorry of this wrong).
Here's my thinking…
Students take a known fairy tale and alter it.
Younger years could look at creating a storyboard of the current fairytale and adding in "what if" eg. What if Cinderella arrived after midnight, what happens then. Alternatively, if the logic of the story is more important, students could travel around the story on a map and see how the story sounds if the characters did things in different orders.
For the older years, students can create storyboards adding in the 'what if' options to create a "choose your own adventure " style story. This can then be combined with Google's CS-First Storytelling course. This course with give them enough skills after approx two projects (using Scratch) to create either a linear story or a choose your own story. By having the two, options students can be extended in not only their programming ability but also their story writing.

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