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Task 3 – Digital Tech + Maths #cserTask3
An old activity I've used with year 7 and 8 students but can very easily adapted for primary.
Students will learn about sorting data and displaying data.
First option using MS Excel or Numbers (ipad). Students have a collection of coloured beads (I actually use small packets of M&Ms or similar). Students manually count the number of red, blue, green etc. students manually graph the collected data as a column graph. Students then input the information into the chosen software, identifying how data needs to represented in a table, identifying x and y axis, and producing a chart / graph. Students can then manipulate the chart to view the data in different ways and explain what is being shown eg. Bar/column graph – count, pie graph – percentage etc
To extend this further, students can compare their data to over groups to determine the likelihood if a particular colour being chosen or most common.
To extend even further, students can use scratch or pencilcode to obtain data from the user and visually represent the data with sprites or a drawing. This one sounds a bit complex but could be fun (would probably do this sort f thing after they've learnt to use scratch to add or subtract a given number).

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