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Lucky for me I was able to lend Ozobots from the lending library. The students and I couldn't get enough of how awesome they were and also how many ways they could be used. We used them on iPads first, then Chromebooks and lastly on paper with coloured markers. Structure listed below
1. LI- I can calibrate, code and solve problems with an ozobot
Demonstrate ozobot use on ipad using codes and parts of the app
Students experiment with ozobot and ipad app
2. LI- I can use a visual program to code an ozobot
Introduce students to games.ozoblockly.com
Students choose shape tracer 1 or 2 and load program onto ozobot at each level
Skills involve coding, testing, reevaluating, calibration and loading code
3. LI- I can use coding blocks to program ozobot
Demonstrate to whole class how ozobot picks up marker codes and how to calibrate on paper
Demonstrate task of testing code then applying to maze to program ozobot to move from start to finish. Students use practise sheet to test codes then complete maze by using accurate codes for each section of the maze
Early finishers – Create own maze and code for ozobots to follow.
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OzoBlockly Games Games for tomorrow’s programmers. games.ozoblockly.com

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  • Celia Coffa: Great to hear how your students (and teachers) used the OzoBot Kit. Thanks for sharing your process.
  • Maria Mulyana: I have used them to teach Indonesian

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