Gina Piggott▸ U3: English Connections

I used Hopscotch with my Year 3 class last year. We explored multi-touch books designed for younger children, then my class designed their own interactive counting book in Hopscotch. They added in text and used code to format the appearance of the text and background. They added in emojis which they coded to move when touched. This added an interactive component to their story. Most of them were only able to have three "pages" to their book because the app only allowed them this much storage. Don't know if anyone knows how to make larger projects in Hopscotch? We added "pages" in the same way that you add new levels to games.
This term my current year 3s are writing narratives and I plan to have them publish it in Hopscotch, adding in interactive components using code. They can then publish their stories to the Hopscotch community and read each others stories. Should be fun! #cserTask2

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