Tammy Sabo▸ U4: Math Connections

I created a few lessons using turtleacademy.com. It is exactly like the old logo language programs I used while first teaching many years ago – only this one is online and free!
Firstly the logo language of the turtle was discussed and demonstrated
Students experimented with making a square – answers were verified
Then introduction of repeat command – students recreated the square using repeat REPEAT 4 [FD 50 RT 90]
The next stage students were given logo language and had to predict each shape then make each shape to verify guesses
REPEAT 3 [FD 50 RT 120] REPEAT 6 [FD 50 RT 60]REPEAT 8 [FD 50 RT 45] REPEAT 5 [FD 50 RT 72]Next we discussed pattern and function of the degree turn
When the turtle makes a closed figure (no breaks in the sides), the total turns add up to 360 degrees so
REPEAT 3 [FD 50 LT 120] 3 x 120 = 360
REPEAT 6 [FD 50 LT 60] 6 x 60 = 360
Based on this pattern students were asked to figure out what a 10 sided shape would look like – answer REPEAT 10 [FD 50 RT 36] 10 x 36 = 360

The lesson concluded but further work was completed in other lessons on pen up and pen down, other logo commands, making shapes like stars and experimenting with geometric shapes. The students loved it.
Turtle Academy – learn logo programming in your browser free programming materials for kids turtleacademy.com

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