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Last Year with my Year 3 class we were exploring 3D objects. We had been using Scratch Junior on iPads and the kids were quite proficient in using the app. I set them a task to describe a 3D object of their choice using Scratch Junior. They took a photo of their object eg. glue stick for a cylinder. and then turned it into a character by adding arms, legs, face. They then used their character to describe the properties of the 3D object. They were very engaged in the project.
During the same unit of work, the students used Hopscotch to draw a net of a 3D object using code. We printed the finished designs and made them up. They got see where their design was successful and what they needed to change. There was lots of maths in designing the code. They needed to think about direction, symmetry, distance, angles and some even used x and y coordinates on the Hopscotch screen to position their drawing. It was a project that allowed students to work together to solve problems and to work at their own level in terms of how complex their design was.

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