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Digital Technology + English #cserTask2
When introducing growth mindset at the beginning of the year we read a variety of multi media texts. The students then created their own storyboard relating to a growth mindset narrative and brainstormed characters, setting and traits of individual characters. Students then published their growth mindset comic in the program, Storyboard That and we made our own growth mindset comic book to be shared with other classes in the school.
-Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts containing key information and supporting details for a widening range of audiences, demonstrating increasing control over text structures and
-Re-read and edit for meaning by adding, deleting or moving words or word groups to improve content and structure
-Use a range of software including word processing programs to construct, edit and publish written text, and select, edit and place visual, print and audio elements
– Create literary texts that explore students’ own experiences and imagining

Digital Technology
-Create and organise ideas and information using information systems independently and with others, and share these with known people in safe online environments
Storyboard That: The World’s Best Free Online Storyboard Creator

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