Tracy Lefevre▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

Task 1: Visual Programming #cserTask1
For this task I chose Option 1 as a non-programmer and option 2 Blockly Games, the Maze. I did also try Option 1 with Scratch Fashion Project. In the Blockly Games Maze I enjoyed the 'to-the-point' instructions and clear expectations. I found it challenging when I tried the scratch program because there seemed to be so much going on at once. I think this would be a challenge if students had a big day and were already mentally tired. Some special needs students may also find that challenging, with the combination of audio visual and written text and a lot going on. Blockly is much simpler and clearer. I do think that the Scratch fashion project would be more interesting for most students. Many students get bored easily and this project did not seem dull. The Blockly game might be a bit simple for many students (even some primary students).

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