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Task 2 – Digital Tech and English #cserTask2
We are looking at changing our school to improve environmental and sustainable aspects, but with the changes being student driven and supported within curriculum. I think that digital technology ideas would work very well with these projects and will link to a number of curriculum areas. So far, we have planned for Math, Science, History and English to work together on these projects, across different year levels.

The links with English will probably support report writing, instructional texts, recounts, reflective writing, writing with specific audiences in mind. In terms of reading, the students will need to read a range of different type of documents in order to gather the information needed for their projects. They will need to read information about the usage of power, paper and water. We will also be looking at the way our town recycles. To find out about each area, we will need to read with comprehension. Texts may include words, graphs, diagrams, tables of information. Students will need to reorganise information and summarise information in ways that are relevant to their projects.

Students will also research possible solutions. This will lead to reading web information about different technology, diagrams, specification documents and many other texts.

Students will listen with purpose. We will be inviting guests to talk with students about systems and possible alternative systems. Students will be asking questions and presenting information based on the data gathered, to use to create new ideas about solutions for their projects.

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