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Task 3 – Digital Tech and Maths #cserTask3
Some of our students have low literacy and numeracy. I think that the activities in this link are very similar to the BeeBots used on the mats. What I liked about these activities is that they created everything. The activities really seem to use literacy and numeracy and would be great to link to geography in terms of mapping skills. I liked that the activities seemed to stretch beyond the classroom.

I was hoping to add a link for a geometry tool the Mathematics teacher at our school uses. He has been having a great time showing us how it works to code shapes and angles. I liked that the program could also be used for volume and three dimensional shapes.

The problem with many sites online was that they were written for adults and did not seem easy for students to access without adult facilitation. I really love the tools featured on this MOOC as they were all very accessible and clear.

If I were teaching Mathematics, I would feel comfortable using PencilCode or other tools from this MOOC to teach students about how shapes work. I think that the Math Quiz was also really useful.

Currently my students love Kahoots, but that does not involve coding. They create quizzes and then use phones to answer them. It times the responses and gives points. It is very exciting. I don't know that it supports the idea of computational thinking, but it does support the use of technology for an end purpose and they create it. Creating Coding Stories and Games | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC TYC | Teaching Young Children Magazine

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Thank you for your thoughts on this Tracy. It’s really useful for CSER and other educators to get insights into what others think who have explored these resources. Can you create some Computational Thinking/Digital Technologies quizzes using Kahoots? We will have to have a look into this!

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