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#cserTask2 Exploring the use of Bee bots in Prep English. In learning about procedural texts, students can use Bee bots in a variety of ways. The steps to a procedure, (for example, making fairy bread), could be drawn by the children and then be set out in non-sequential order on a Bee bot mat grid. The children could program their Bee bot to put the steps into a correct sequence. When sequencing a narrative text, students can have their Bee bot locate different parts of the story in correct sequence of events – a good example might be I Went Walking. Students could program the Bee bot to take food to the different animals, or they could create a new story based on another setting, for example, a jungle, a city… Students could use Bee bots to locate phonograms on a grid, or to sound out and spell words using the phonograms on the grid mat.

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